‚ÄčDan Cruces Wildlife art

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The i'iwi is an endemic native Hawaiian bird in the honeycreeper family, which due to its evolutionary isolation, developed the most unusual characteristics.  Once greatly prized by the Ali'i, Hawaiian royalty, for their feathers, these birds are now in danger due to loss of habitat and encroaching invasive predators.  We are joining efforts with the Kauai Bird Recovery Forest Project to protect our native species, by funding scientific efforts to eradicate mosquito-born avian malaria, and to curb the damaging effects of introduced predatory animals.  A portion of the proceeds goes to the Kauai Bird Recovery Forest Project.  I'iwi in Bronze is currently available for purchase at Island Art Gallery in Hanapepe Town, Kauai. 

The piece is done resplendently in bronze.  The signature translucent patina shows the regal colors of the bird, while maintaining the prestigious glow of the underlying bronze.  The sculpture is thirteen inches in height, and is a solid six pounds of bronze.   A highly collectable limited edition of thirty-five pieces only.

A Masterpiece of the Native Hawaiian Endangered Honeycreeper 


Dan Cruces contributed sculptures to Kohanaiki Shores in the Big Island - this property won the first Signature Audubon Silver Award for the State of Hawaii. 

"Without the forests we have no birds, without the birds we have no song."